Results of radiological survey of the territory adjacent to the "Atomic" lake

Number 2_Vol.1

AUTHORS: A.O. Aidarkhanov, S.N. Lukashenko, M.A. Umarov, Yu.Yu. Yakovenko

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2017010201

PAGES: 05 - 18

DATE: 2017-12-26


The article presents working results of radiation status survey in the territory adjacent to the “Atomic lake”, a venue of the first USSR excavation explosion. In the course of research, a picture of areal radiation contamination has been obtained in the territory with technogenic radionuclides 137Cs, 241Am, 152Eu. A pattern of radionuclide distribution in depth is shown at different spots (crater bank, Shagan river floodplain, the area of the external reservoir). Data is presented on concentrations of technogenic radionuclides 3H, 239+240,238Pu, 90Sr, 60Co, 154Eu, 152Eu in soil.



Excavation nuclear explosion, “Atomic lake”, Shagan river, technogenic radionuclides.


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