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Ternary particles of Z =1 to 4 emitted in spontaneous fission of 252Cf

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This paper presents the results of ternary light charged particles from 252Cf spontenous fission source. The method DeltaE - E was applied to identify the particle by a position sensitive DeltaE - E telescope.The specific energy loss (DeltaE) was measured using the transmission type DeltaE detector (thicknesses of 150 μm ) ordered from the company Micron Semiconductors, while the residual energy (E) was measured by a Timepix detector with thicknesses of 600 μm . It was possible to measure partial-energy spectra of the various ternary particle types due to the thicknesses of Al foil (31 μm) and DeltaE detector (150 μm) placed before E detector. The energy spectrum of protons was qualitatively different from the spectra of the other particles since protons from Al(n,p) and Si (n,p) reactions could contribute to the spectra.

About the Author

G. S. Ahmadov
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research; National Nuclear Research Center CJSC; Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS
Russian Federation



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Ahmadov G.S. Ternary particles of Z =1 to 4 emitted in spontaneous fission of 252Cf. Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials. 2022;6(3):174-179.

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