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Some radiation effects in II-VI quantum dots

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The effect of electron irradiation (E=0.6-1.8 MeV) on the optical characteristics (photoluminescence, PL) of CdTe/ZnTe structures with quantum dots, QDs, was investigated in the temperature range from 4.2 to 250 K. The data on the influence of irradiation on the temperature dependence of PL intensity, energy position and PL line width, W, from QDs were obtained. The narrowing of PL band and the blue shift of the QD peak position are explained by quenching of the low energy component  connected with larger QDs. A slight decrease in PL intensity for both QDs and the buffer ZnTe layer as well as a sharp drop in PL intensity for 1 ML CdTe quantum wells, QWs, and fragments accompanied by a change in the  activation energy of the PL quenching is explained by the radiation defects localized near the QD interface. The obtained results show that under e-beam irradiation QDs are more stable than QWs, which is in agreement
with our previous investigations. 

About the Authors

M. B. Sharibaev
Muhammad al Khorezmi Tashkent University of Information Technologies

Q. A. Ismailov
Karakalpak State University


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Sharibaev M.B., Ismailov Q.A. Some radiation effects in II-VI quantum dots. Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials. 2018;2(4):353-359.

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