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Vol 2, No 1 (2018)
6-16 277

Experimental data on production of radioactive residuals in11B +209 Bi reaction a above-barrier projectile energy of 145.6 MeV are presented. The measurements and identification of reaction products were made using the method of induced activity. The residual nuclei in 24 < A < 211 mass range are considered as products of different interaction channels, occurring through evaporation at complete, incomplete fusion and the fission. The fragments in (60-160) atomic mass units range are regarded to the fission products and are confirmed with data from experiments with analogous fissile nuclei. The residual nuclei near target mass number can be presented as result of the different processes including emission of nucleons and light nuclei. Theoretical predictions within the frameworks of PACE-4 code simulation, allowing the predictions of formation, evaporation and fission of compound nuclei, were used for analyzing the measurement results. A substantial contribution to production of residual nuclei of the incomplete fusion and of additional mechanisms, proceeding at different impact parameters, were revealed at analysis of the experimental data.

17-22 253

Matter distributions of light nuclei in the three body model [6He,6Li : (α + n + n) and9Be : (α + α + n)] is theoretically expressed. As a quantum state of the system was adopted a wave function based on the multi dynamic cluster model. Within the multi dynamical cluster model with Pauli projection, matter density distribution and matter rms radius for nuclei6He,6Li,9Be were analytically calculated. Comparisons of calculated matter radii with experimental data are presented.

23-31 264

The experimental setup KOLKHIDA has been designed to study the interactions of polarized neutrons with polarized nuclei, in particular to study the neutron nuclear precession (nuclear pseudomagnetism) and also for studying magnetic properties of crystals. The investigation has been performed at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR.

32-42 236

In the present work the phase transition and its dependence on target excitation has been studied in two dimensional (η-φ) self affine space using the experimental data of pions obtained from π- -AgBr interactions at 350 GeV/c. For studying target excitation dependence the data for produced pions are divided into three sets depending on the number of grey particles (ng). The different sets corresponds to the different degrees of target excitation. The Levy indices μ measured from the analysis fulfills the requirement of the levy stable region 0 ≤ μ ≤ 2 . The Levy index μ <1 indicates that a thermal phase transition may exist in the π- -AgBr interactions at 350 GeV/c. Further the analysis indicates different degrees of multifractality for different target excitation. Moreover, the value of universal scaling exponent ( ν ) obtained from Ginzburg-Landau (GL) theory indicates that no evidence of second order phase transition has been found in the interaction.

43-53 281

In the present work, the influence of the degree of overlapping between the plasmon absorption spectrum of silver nanoparticles and the luminescence spectra of P6Zh, phenalamine 160, and oxazine 17 on their luminescence was studied. With the addition of Ag NPs to the ethanol solution, the absorption of dyes depends on the concentration of Ag nanoparticles. The overlapping integrals between the plasmon absorption spectrum of Ag NPs and the absorption spectra of the studied dyes were 24.2 for P6J, 52 for phenalemine 160 and 38.5 for oxazine 17, respectively. The optical density in the maximum increased 1.6-fold for P6Zh, 1.4-fold - for phenaleamine 160 and 1.2-fold - for oxazine 17. It was established that for P6Zh the fluorescence intensity reaches its maximum value at a concentration of C = 2 ×10-6 mol/l, for phenalemine 160 - at C = 5 ×10-6 mol/l, and for oxazine 17 at C = 10-5 mol/l. The intensity of fluorescence of P6Zh increased 1.4 times, phenalemine 160 -1.2 times, and for oksazine 17 - 1.1 times. The generation threshold for P6Zh showed, on average, a tenfold decrease, for phenalamine 160 - it was a 1.4-fold decrease, and for oxazine 17 - a 1.2-fold decrease. The luminescence kinetics of solutions in ethanol in the presence of silver NPs decreased by t ≈ 1 ns for P6Zh, t ≈0.4 ns for phenalemine 160 and t ≈0.1 ns for oxazine 17.

54-60 252

The purpose of this work was to study the oxidation and destruction processes of Fe3O4 nanoparticles. As a result, dynamic changes in structure and phase composition of Fe3O4 nanoparticles in various pH media was set. The acidity and time dependence of degradation degree on the pH medium was established. It was associated with the appearance of amorphous regions which is due to the presence of hydroxide compounds. By understanding of the nanoparticles degradation rate and degree it becomes possible to clarify the residence time for the nanoparticles, which in turn makes them potential materials for biomedical application. The causes are the high oxygen content and the formation of hydroxide compounds in the structure, as well as subsequent corrosion processes being capable of causing a destruction of the structure.

61-67 332

The article presents a new method of increasing laser radiation power of the receiving device while performing align- ment for reducing excessive pump vibration. The optical arrangement and device design are presented. The possibility of application of glass system with definite refraction index of laser beam system sweeping in a line direction is theoretically justified. The paper presents that the beam sweeping in immediate proximity to a receiving device allows to increase the "beam force/disturbance force ratio" without increasing the laser power. The results of the experimental comparative testing are described. The experiment was conducted in plant conditions of Formation Pressure Maintenance Depart- ment OGPD Tuimazaneft, group modular pumping station BKNS-20C using CNS 63-1400 (sectional centrifugal pump) in cooperation with specialists of Oktyabrsky URONO LLC "OZNA".

68-76 275

Based on the magnetic symmetry structure of non-Abelian gauge theories, a dual QCD gauge theory has been constructed which takes into account the local structure as well as the topological features of the color gauge group into its dynamics in a completely dual-symmetric way. Using such dual version of QCD in thermal domain following the partition function approach and the grand canonical ensemble formulation, the phase transition from hadron to QGP phase has been investigated within the framework of temperature dependent hadronic bag in the entire T - μ plane. The various thermodynamic properties like pressure, energy density, speed of sound and specific heat of the hadron/QGP phase have been evaluated and shown to lead an evidence for the first order phase transition. In the region around Tc < T < 4Tc , the specific heat and speed of sound are strongly influenced by the magnetically charged particles directly related to thermal monopoles evaporating from the magnetic condensate present at low temperature.

77-83 266

The article presents information on optimization of steady state regimes in power supply systems in order to minimize power losses. The following tasks were formulated and solved: engine parameters were determined; the steady state of the power supply system was calculated. Statistical characteristics of power losses in asynchronous and synchronous motors and transformers were obtained. Investigations have been carried out for the ore mining and processing enterprise. On the basis of the obtained universal model, a software package has been designed to perform computational and experimental research in order to obtain static characteristics of power losses and loads in the power supply system and to determine the character of variation of these characteristics.

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