The contribution of mobile phones influence on electron spin resonance (EPR) spectra formation and electromagnetic noise signal for accuracy of dose estimation on example of tooth enamel samples measurements was investigated for low dose range. The spectra of irradiated tooth enamel samples in doses from 0 to 500 mGy have been measured. The spectra have been processed by mathematical fitting of model spectrum by least square methods. Standard deviation from nominal doses and uncertainty of dose estimation were determined. The noise level has been estimated in spectra by rest sum after model spectra fitting. Enamel samples were measured in 3 conditions: 1) during day from 9-17 o ’ clock; 2) during day from 9-17 o ’ clock with mobile phone. After 17 o ’ clock and in Saturday and Sunday from 9-17 o ’ clock (this suppose no any noise signal contributed to spectra). It was shown that the biggest uncertainty of dose estimation have been received in day time with mobile phone in on position. Standart deviation is decrising after 5PM with off mobile phone. Noise level in spectra measured after 5PM was less in comparison with spectra measured in day time.

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