Neutron-removal cross-section ( σ-xn ) measurements of neutron-rich light nuclei were performed on the COMBAS fragment-separator with a multi-detector Si telescope at intermediate energies (22-34) MeV/nucleon. The removals of one neutron from8Li and9Be, two neutrons from6 He and10 Be and four neutrons from 8 He were observed from the reactions on a Si-CsI(Tl) telescope. Results of σ-xn for6 He,8 He,8 Li,9 Be and10 Be nuclei were obtained and compared with those of previously measured data. The data indicate that4 He is a good core within6 He and8 He. Furthermore, we found that9,10 Be nuclei disintegrated by one- and two- neutron removal reaction, respectively.

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