Experimental data on production of radioactive residuals in11B +209 Bi reaction a above-barrier projectile energy of 145.6 MeV are presented. The measurements and identification of reaction products were made using the method of induced activity. The residual nuclei in 24 < A < 211 mass range are considered as products of different interaction channels, occurring through evaporation at complete, incomplete fusion and the fission. The fragments in (60-160) atomic mass units range are regarded to the fission products and are confirmed with data from experiments with analogous fissile nuclei. The residual nuclei near target mass number can be presented as result of the different processes including emission of nucleons and light nuclei. Theoretical predictions within the frameworks of PACE-4 code simulation, allowing the predictions of formation, evaporation and fission of compound nuclei, were used for analyzing the measurement results. A substantial contribution to production of residual nuclei of the incomplete fusion and of additional mechanisms, proceeding at different impact parameters, were revealed at analysis of the experimental data.

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