At the High mountain station of cosmic rays at an altitude of 3340 meters above sea level in 2018, work on modernization of registration of radio emission from extensive air showers was carried out. To date, 4 radio antennas have been installed in the direction of north, south, west, east at a distance of 30 meters from the registration center. Registration is carried out in the frequency range 30 - 80 MHz. As a result of the preliminary experiment, some event candidates were selected that demonstrate the presence of a noticeable radio signal pulse in the vicinity of the nearest EAS arrival time 1 - 3 µs. The features of the particle density distribution in these events suggest that most of them have a fairly high primary energy E0 > (2 - 5) 1016 eV and the shower center is close to the radio antenna, therefore the coincidence time of the observed radio pulse with the arrival time of the shower front in these events can not be completely random. Consequently, the radio antenna system installed on the Tien Shan, together with the developed software for recording the signal, really provides an effective choice of radio emission from EAS particles, and further work in this direction should be seriously considered.

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