The neutrons scattering and capture cross-section processes has been calculated for natural28Si ,29Si ,30Si isotopes which are main part of nanosilicon samples when irradiated for 20 hours by epithermal neutron flux. The values of energies has been determined which given to nanosilicon nuclei as a result of scattering processes in the energy intervals of investigated neutrons. The cross-sections of radiation capture process and the amount of31Si radioactive isotope which can be formed by by30Si isotope in the energy interval of epithermal neutrons, the parameters of energy supply and ionization processes has been determined by interaction between energy carried of β - particles which disseminated in evironment and silicon atoms as a result of their β - decay. The formed defects has been determined in electron structure of nanosilicon under the influence of primary and secondary electron beams. Characterized interaction processes between nanosilicon and gamma rays irradiated from radioactive isotopes in impurities up to 1% in nanosilicon which formed under the influence of neutron flux. As a result of SEM investigation, interaction between surface defects inherent to nanoscale systems and O2 , H2O active components that arranged environment and increasing number of surface oxidation atoms determined under the influence of radiation from radioactive isotopes which are product of radiation capture processes when impact by neutron flux. The progression of agglomeration processes of nanosilicon particles under the influence of secondary radiation processes that caused by neutron flux has also been proved experimentally by SEM investigations. The characteristic of identification and generation processes of paramagnetic defects, that formed as a result of secondary radiation processes investigated by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy method.

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