The year 2019 has been declared by UNESCO as the year of the Periodic Table of Elements. 150 years ago, an outstanding Russian scientist D.I. Mendeleev systematized the chemical elements known at that time by chemical properties and created a table of elements. Since then, almost 60 chemical elements have been added to those known 150 years ago. Now the table has 118 chemical elements, most of which were synthesized artificially, in particular, on charged particle accelerators. Especially vigorous growth in the synthesis and research of new heavy transfermium elements was observed during the last 20 years, when about 20 new heavy and super heavy elements were synthesized in various world research centers with powerful accelerator complexes. In the present article, the authors discuss the current situation in the synthesis of new elements with an atomic number greater than 110 and the prospects for further advancement in the region of super heavy elements.

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