This work is devoted to the research of the influence of the technological parameters of electrolytic plasma surface hardening on the structure and tribological properties of the surface of samples of the retaining steel mark 2. In the electrolytic plasma surface hardening was carried out in an electrolyte from an aqueous solution of 20% urea and 20% sodium carbonate. According to the result of metallographic and X-ray diffraction analysis, it was determined that the phase composition of steel mark 2 after processing varies, and fine martensite with a small amount of troostite and iron oxide is formed on the surface of the samples. Tribological experiments of samples without lubrication were carried out. These experiments have shown that all the studied samples have an increased wear resistance, which may be associated with the formation of a fine grained martensitic structure. It was shown that from the point of view of the complex of the properties obtained, the most promising is electrolytic plasma action with a treatment time of 2 s.

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