The article presents the results of studying the process of electrolytic-plasma hardening of 0.34Cr-1NiMo- Fe steel by surface hardening, as well as the results of the current-voltage characteristics of the cathodic electrolytic-plasma process depending on the composition of the electrolyte. Temperature-time and special modes of electrolytic-plasma hardening of steel 0.34Cr-1Ni-Mo-Fe were determined. The optimal composition of the electrolyte for electrolytic-plasma hardening has been determined, providing a relatively high heating rate and high hardness of the steel surface. It has been determined that after the electrolytic-plasma hardening, the microhardness of 34KhN1M steel increases 2.9 times due to the formation of fine martensite. In this case, the basis of the material does not change, it consists of a ferrite-pearlite structure.

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