A time-of-flight system was created to register the reaction products and perform correlation measurements on a high-resolution magnetic analyzer (MAVR). The facility is located on the channel of the extracted beam of the U-400 cyclotron at the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions JINR. The results of measuring the parameters of the time-of-flight spectrometer obtained on the basis of measuring the spontaneous fission fragments velocities of 252Cf are described. In addition, the results of the measurement of fission fragments in the 48Ca+238U reaction are presented. In this case, two time-of-flight arms were used, with the help of it is planned to carry out correlation measurements of induced fission fragments of a complex system. The created system also makes it possible to carry out correlation (three particles) measurements of fission fragments with particles registered in the focal plane of the MAVR magnetic spectrometer. Another purpose of the described system is to register elastically scattered ions, which is used as a monitoring system for the quality and composition of the beam hitting on the target of the MAVR facility.

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