This article is devoted to the study of determination of gamma radiation shielding efficiency by new radiation-resistant glasses of the 0.5TeO2-(0.5-x)Bi2O3-xWO3 type. Asa method of obtaining glasses, the method of solid-phase synthesis combined with thermal annealing and subsequent hardening was used. The amorphous nature of the synthesized samples was confirmed by X-ray phase analysis. Determination of the shielding ef ficiency, as well as the effect of Bi2O3 and WO3 content in the glass composition on the attenuation efficiency was carried out by evaluation of gamma radiation intensi 137Cs ties from the source, with a gamma ray energy of 661 keV. The evaluation was performed on parameters such as radiation protection efficiency, linear and mass attenuation coefficients, half-value layer and mean free path. During the studies, it was found that glasses of the following composition 0.5TeO2-0.1Bi2O3-0.4WO3 are most effective, which are 1.3-2 times higher than those of the composition 0.5TeO2-0.4Bi2O3-0.1WO3.

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