This work were studied the effect of technological parameters of detonation spraying on the phase composition and tribological characteristics on the bases of NiCr and Al2O3 coatings. As well as therewas obtained and investigated multilayer coating on the basesof NiCr/NiCr-Al2O3/Al2O3. It was determined that during detonation spraying the phase composition of Al2O3 coatings strongly depends on the degree of filling the borehole with a gas mixture. The . -Al2O3 -phase content in the coatings increases when the degree of filling is 63% and 54%. Only one CrNi3 phase is observed on the diffractograms and only increase of reflex intensity (020) at barrel filling by 58% is observed by sputtering on the bases of NiCr coatings in different degrees of barrel filling. The results of the coating nanohardness study showed that the hardness of the Al2O3 coating increases depending on the content of . -Al2O3 in it. Al2O3 coating has the maximum nanohardness values and is 16.42 GPa at the borehole is filled to 63%. The nanohardness of NiCr coating has the maximum values at barrel fillingby58% and consisting of 8.02 GPa.

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