(1-x)[(Pb0.94Sr0.05La0.01)(Zr0.54Ti0.46)0.9975O3]-x[Bi(Mn 1/2 Ti1/2 )O3] ceramics with x in the range of 0–0.05 mol were successfully synthesized following the conventional solid-phase route. The materials were thoroughly investigated to study their structural phase, microstructure, ferro-piezoelectric characteristics, and dielectric behavior. The addition of BMT to PSLZT contributed to the transition of the tetragonal phase to the rhombohedral phase and an increase in the mechanical quality coefficient Qm of the material. The value of the electromechanical coupling coefficient kp =0.66, the value of kt=0.53, the value of the piezoelectric constant d33 =643 pC/N was obtained in the undoped PSLZT ceramics. The component 0.97PSZT–0.03BMT exhibited properties similar to those of hard piezoelectric ceramics. The electromechanical coupling factor kp was calculated to be 0.59, the value of kt was calculated to be 0.48, the piezoelectric constant d33 was calculated to be 446 pC/N, the mechanical quality factor Qm was found to be 774 and the phase transition temperature Tm was calculated to be 265 ◦ C. The ceramic component shows promise for use in practical power ultrasonic applications.

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