The article presents data on the study of the effect of substitutions of M-cations in the system of Na3Fe2(1-x)Sc2x(PO4)3 solid solutions (in the concentration range 0≤x≤0.06) on the crystal structure, ionic conductivity, and also on the temperature of phase transitions Ta→b, Tb→g. It is shown that samples of Na3Fe2(1-x)Sc2x(PO4)3 (0≤x≤0.06) solid solutions are monoclinically distorted, and the structure parameters increase linearly with increasing dopant concentration. Moreover, in the studied samples of solid solutions, an increase in the conductivity of the a -phase and a decrease in the b - and g -phases are observed, as well as a decrease in the temperatures Ta→b and Tb→g. It is concluded that these changes are associated with both local deformations of the anionic part of the crystalline structure, and violation of the regularity of the crystal structure

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